Bird hat

Philip Treacy

I'm about to embark on making the all important headpiece for my Izzy Blow costume and am in need of some inspiration from her favourite milliner.....

Isabella Blow

For the Way of the Tomb Halloween club night, I'm thinking of going as Isabella Blow (the fancy dress theme is 'dead celebrities' and she is one of my favourite sadly deceased). So here are a bunch of photos I can use as inspiration.

NAOMI in Interview Mag

So I haven't updated in nearly a month, which is terrible. Reason being, I started back at uni 2 weeks ago and it has been relentless. Final year is a bitch, but in a nice way. The kind of bitch that will fuck you then make you a delicious breakfast so it's okay.
Last week I styled a fashion shoot for the Glasgow Guardian newspaper which has just gone to print - pick up your copy from around Glasgow Uni campus. I'll be getting the final images emailed through from the photographer soon so they'll be getting posted up here, no doubt.
We're doing the next one in a couple of weeks for the Halloween issue, can't wait!
Elsewhere in my world of fashion/beauty, I discovered the amazing Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Make-Up (courtesy of the lovely Claire). It is made for covering scars, birthmarks and major blemishes, so it does a pretty decent job of covering up my crap skin days. Definitely worth the £25 price tag!

I just wish I'd discovered it 5 years ago...