A week in the life of my nails.

Another photo of my pschedelic 70s nail design courtesy of Oskar:

Glimpsed in between Cosmopolitans.

In other nail news, I purchased 2 new summery polishes today from my old favourite Barry M...

Berry Ice Cream & Lemon Ice Cream

Can't wait to try them out! I'm still wearing American Apparel 'Peacock'.

I'm Customised

Summer Luxe

This Summer you could do worse than to channel the look of 1920s icon Nancy Cunard.

Heiress to the Cunard Line shipping business, Nancy was also a writer, publisher and political activist who moved within the Surrealist and Dada circles in 1920s Paris. She took many famous lovers including the artists Man Ray, Louis Aragon and Constantin Brancusi, and the writers Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce and Aldous Huxley.

In 1928 she dated Henry Crowder, an African-American jazz musician, and became active in adopting a stance against racism and discrimination by publishing works by black writers and providing a platform for them to voice their discontent. This led to Cunard receiving endless hate mail and threats. But this did not deter her from lending her support to the anti-fascist fight, documenting the atrocities of the Spanish Civil War and assisting the relief effort.

Cunard was famous for her stacks of bangles which she wore all the way up her forearms, often with dramatic black outfits. Her skinny figure gave her an androgynous look which she would contradict with striking make-up and fashionably styled hair.

Nancy Cunard suffered from ill mental health and alcoholism and died aged 69 weighing only 57pounds. Her ashes are interred at Pere-Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Danielle Dax

I've wanted these eyeball rings for ages, anybody know where I can buy some? I used to have an eyeball necklace as a teenage goth, proof that you should NEVER throw anything out.

I wish I was old enough to dress like this in the 80s.

This is going to be my new look. GOLD LIPSTICK, gold everything.

I find the face on her shorts incredibly creepy, but aside from that everything is so right.

Summer, 70s style

I picked up this gorgeous 1970s dress in Retro, a vintage shop in the West End of Glasgow, for only £30.

Feeling inspired by the print, I decided to do my nails to match...

I used Stargazer 122 as the background, then some Barry M Deep Orange, then some black and white nail pens for the pattern bits.

Blue Leopard Print

Icy Kool

Nails inspired by Beyonce's in her new video.

Using H&M Bella's Choice (bright turquoise) as an undercoat, American Apparel's Office (mint green) over the top.


I was over at my friend Rachel Sharpe's flat the other day and I noticed she had some photos of a stunning, punky bleached blonde woman pinned to her wall. I asked her who it was, and that's how I discovered Edwige Belmore, 'queen of the punks'. Part of the Warhol and Studio 54 set, I'd undoubtedly seen her picture in books and magazines but it never really clicked before. Now I really wish I'd found out earlier.
Her life reads like my wet dream - Parisian model haunting New York underground hangouts like Mudd Club and Danceteria, rubbing shoulders with hot artists and hip no-wavers, striding down the catwalk for Gaultier and later releasing her own music, singing in nightclubs and starring in a film with Vincent Gallo.
Swap lives, please?

Agyness who?
Pop gruppe, Mathematiques Modernes.


by Maripol

le Smoking