Gabriella Marina Gonzales

I absolutely love the work of this young designer:

Her latest collection can be ordered from Machine-A Boutique, 60 Berwick Street, Soho, London. You can read her blog at - as well as posting photos of her designs, she uploads lots of illustrations and collages she makes.

More Hoggmania

Spring Summer 10

J Von Stratton

I found this designer when doing some online research, check out her blog here.

Ziad Ghanem

I can't believe it has taken me this long to discover Ziad Ghanem - his designs are exactly the kind of thing I'm researching for my own work right now. I also love his choice of models. Although I'm a fan of skinny, you do get bored of seeing girls who look sexless and identical shuffling down the catwalk. These women have tits and killer legs and they look like they're enjoying themselves and enjoying wearing the garments.


Inspired by tonight's viewing, I hereby dictate that summer should be populated with gentlemen styling themselves in accordance with this:

Is it wrong that I enjoyed this sex scene?

One of my favourite TJN looks.

I wish I could find some stills of Mary Lou (Candy Clark) because her hairstyles and outfits provide massive inspo. Think sixties bouffants and pastel two pieces, patterned kimonos and pink silk teddies. But after Stephen Hawking has just publicly reasserted his belief that the aliens are coming, is it too much to hope that they all resemble Thomas Jerome Newton? I'm making a crop circle in my back garden in anticipation...

Today's Purchase

MAC Morange lipstick

It's a really good bright orange shade if you have dark or olive skin.

If you have fair skin, I'd recommend Barry M's orange lippie

Which looks more like this when applied:
It's a little bit too light for me but it works well on other people.

I've been wearing MAC's Russian Red all winter, it's a lovely deep, warm tone
(but the picture makes it look really gaudy and bright - don't be fooled!)

It goes on matte and looks great on brunettes

But in anticipation of the summer I'm planning to break out the orange lippie for a retro vamp look

Like lovely Rita

It looks especially striking against black skin

Orange lips at Prada

Betty Bacall did it

& Vogue Paris dit ouí!


We Are Family

Inspiration for a photo shoot I did today...

The Manson girls.

Charles Manson with the 'x' carved on his forehead.

Vanessa Beecroft

Helmut Newton

Baby Love

The first post of the day will be dedicated to the amazing style of The Supremes.


Nail art - Evil Eyes

I used: Claire's Accessories Black, Barry M White, H&M Bella's Choice.

Oedipus Rex

I bought myself a cute cordless mini sewing machine!

Chicks Who Smoke

I was recently alerted to this blog, Chicks Who Smoke. It concerns exactly that - women smoking. Lots of sexy black and white snaps of it. A celebration of the insouciant act that is constantly (and tediously) vilified by most of the press these days. Proof that no matter how bad something is for you, if you look good while doing it then it just don't matter none.

In the Company of Wolves

Showcasing designs by Anna Whyte, Boudiche, Che Camille, Corinne Robinson, Rachael Albert, Obscure Couture (website coming soon), Rowan Joy, Torres and Velvet Tigers.
I'd love to find out who was responsible for the hair and make-up, they were the highlight for me.

The event was hosted by the beautifully decorated Sub Club and organised by SE Events.
Sponsors included: L'Oreal, Bacardi, Sparklecandy, Tunnocks, MacSorley's, Sub Club, and The Coveted magazine. Thanks to these people, the goodie bags were brilliant!

I've also got to thank Rachel for sorting us out with tickets.