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Les Garcons de Glasgow Offline

On Thursday night, style bloggers Les Garcons de Glasgow hosted another club event, this time at Stereo on Renfield Lane. With a friendly atmosphere, lil ol' me projected onto the walls, and great music provided by Kid Zipper (Menergy), Thunder Disco Club, and Matthew Craig from One More Tune/Cheap n Nasty, a ball was had by all.

my boys

my girls

some stylish attendees

the DJs

a Garcon

Oskar, myself, Andrew, Claire

I love Princess Julia

from fashion'smostwanted

from The Gentlewoman

from viceland

Writer and DJ Princess Julia has been a colourful and chameleon-like fixture on the London club scene since Steve Strange installed her in the cloakroom at The Blitz and she became one of the original Blitz Kids, brightening up the city's nightlife with their outlandish costumes and make-up. By night she partied with Marc Almond and Boy George, while by day she worked in PX, a cult New Romantic boutique in Covent Garden.
Her appearance in the video for Visage's single Fade to Grey was followed by a stint of modelling for designers such as BodyMap, working in the UK and Japan.
Julia then launched her career as a DJ, playing monthly spots at Kinky Gerlinky and going on to guest at events all over the UK. She now DJs at the London clubnight Divine Incest and fronts the band Oral Oral.
Alongside Hanna Hanra she put together The P.i.X zine and is currently the music editor for long-running fashion/arts mag  i-D.

Visage- Fade to Grey

fuck yeah hair

Just found this article explaining how to get the Issa hairstyle!


Time for another wordy post. I always get in the habit of updating with some pretty pictures when I can't think of anything to say, but I'll try and summon up some musings today.
Issa isn't a label I know very much about (but things gonna change) but when I was indulging in my main hobby of 'browsing internet for nice pix' I came across their A/W 2010 catwalk collection and boy is it ME all over..... Feast your eyes:

Red lips? Check. Oversized shades? Check. Shiny shiny leather? Check. The classic movie star-style headscarf scaffolded by the towering quiff is so perfect I could maybe squeeze out a small salty tear. At the moment I may be suffering a fringe but in the past I've always been a s.t.a.u.n.c.h devotee of the quiff/shades/lippie combination.

The 'Q/S/L' when combined with the black headscarf reminds me so much of fashion designer/writer/filmmaker/muse Diane Pernet. Her white skin and kabuki-style black mane set off by a veil and impenetrable shades hae become her trademark and made her an instant favourite of mine. 

So, even though the end of Summer fills me with dread (even more so this year - this will be my last EVER 'school holiday' as I'm going into my last year at university. Next summer will be filled with the fear and loathing of having to get a job and enter the real world), the appearance of the A/W clothes in the shops never ceases to excite me. I'll be stocking up on headscarves, cape-like jackets, leather opera gloves and layering different textures of black in true goth fashion. I can't wait - and because I live in Scotland I probably WON'T have to wait very long.......

Til the next time I'm feeling verbally inclined! x


My all time style inspiration is the Marchesa Casati and every day as I glance through my wardrobe I regret not having been born into the aristocracy and not seeing my rail laden with ermine furs ready to be draped around my shoulders by a gilded slave.
And as great minds so often think alike, she has also served as the muse for several fashion designers, including John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld and Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig (who set up the Marchesa clothing label in homage).

The hair & make-up at the Chanel Cruise Collection 2010 referenced La Casati, while the outfits were said to be influenced by Peggy Guggenheim (my favourites are the two on the right - always love classic Chanel monochrome, and the idea of wearing one colour top-to-toe is something I'm keen to try out).

Snakeskin, furs and peacock feathers at Marchesa.

And finally, some recent-ish photographs of Tilda Swinton as the Marchesa from the A/W09 issue of Acne Paper...

All of these images are serving as reference points for my own Casati-themed photoshoot which I'm planning. I want to take the dark glamour and female dandy aesthetic but show her as a different, later incarnation. I don't want to give away too much, but watch this space . x

The cat's out of the bag

Or 'on' the bag, in the case of this bizarre selection I snapped in the window of a shop in Gibraltar this summer....

I love cats and tacky concepts, so as you can imagine I was seriously considering buying the lot and being the envy of all the other easyjetters on my return flight.


As promised, some pictures of my Candy Darling impersonation. Apologies for the horrendous webcam image quality.....

I think I'd make a brilliant drag queen... if I weren't already a girl.

Black Book

The other day I eventually got round to watching Black Book, by Paul Verhoeven. One of the things that won me over was Rachel Stein a.k.a. Ellis De Vries' wardrobe.........

Big floppy black beret worn tilted over to one side, with bright red lipstick,
a Rupert The Bear - style checked scarf and a calf-length navy blue trench.
Perfect for beating an elegant retreat from your Nazi lover-to-be.

A sleeveless silky red number to match the oversized red roses in your hair,
freshly dyed blonde (with matching collars & cuffs) so they don't guess you
are ein Juden Frau!! Minxy.

Floral tea dresses are nice for hanging out with topless sailors and
ducking from the Jerries' overhead attack.

This sheer black button-up dress with the cream silk slip underneath is
so nice that you'll want to wear it for several days in a row, which is what
she does in this film.

Asia Argento

I don't even know what this is, but I found it on sasharainbow.com

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

This weekend I'm going to an Andy Warhol's Factory themed birthday party. I'll be dressed as Candy Darling, one of my favourite Warhol Superstars...

I never realised that she had brown eyes, unless this is a trick of the camera... I'll have to look up more colour photos to check. I ordered blue contact lenses partly for this occasion, partly to aid my day-to-day Liz Taylor impersonations, and partly out of curiosity (my eyes are dark brown/hazel).

I'm still impatiently awaiting the release of the Candy documentary film, Beautiful Darling, which I'm sure I've mentioned before. I can't remember when it is supposed to be coming out. Does anyone know what's going on?

Anyway, I'll definitely post photos of my transformation and of the other party folk. xx