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This is relatively old news, but I just discovered it today:

Necklace by Matthew Williamson, inspired by the work of Glasgow artist Jim Lambie. Created as part of Williamson's collection for Atelier Swarovski and featured in his SS10 runway show.

Student Loan: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

Well I didn't end up buying ANYTHING from my previous post. It was that old chestnut of things looking great on t'internet and looking a bit crap IRL. Instead, I blitzed around the high street in record time (1 hour, thanks to dreary Glasgow weather and an inundation of University freshers making me not want to hang about too long) and got the following to kick-start my A/W wardrobe...

I'm especially chuffed with the skirt, from the teen section of New Look. Occasionally being petite has its perks, such as being able to fit into kids' clothes and not having to pay VAT. There's been a lot of bitching done about those animal hats from River Island, though I think the one getting the most flack is the panda hat which does look a bit daft. Mine has ears and pom pom things, but I think it errs more on the sassy, catwoman side than the twee, novelty side.
I also got a sheer leopard print onesie from good old H&M, but alas - no pictures on the interweb.

Bored, so...

Here's what I'm planning to purchase from New Look's A/W selection, if I can find them in the maze of the Buchanan St store. Winter = fur, leather and velvet. Bring it on.

Paint it Black ( & White)

I seem to be having a fit of projectile blogging this morning. Apologies for that... unless you're enjoying it! I just found this photograph of some lucky fucker's bathroom and now I hate my student life. CAN. NOT. WAIT. to be a grown up with a flat of my own to make nice. It's just a year and a load of cold hard ca$h away from being a reality...

Deborah Harry

Maxime de la Falaise

Sexy old man on The Sartorialist

This is exactly the kind of guy who haunts my wet dreamz. Check out his curled-up moustache. Could he be more perfect? Only if he is carrying a tiny persian kitten in that bag and is on his way to deliver it to me.

Bryan Ferry

It's always a good time to google pictures of Bryan Ferry... If only to torture myself even more.

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

By Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia.

Jacquelyn Jablonski in Telegraph Magazine

Beehive? Check.
Silver Streak? Check.
Leather Gloves? Turbans? Big Fluttery Fake Lashes? !!! chk chk chk

I NEEED a beige/camel coat like this for the Autumn.
A floor-length one would probably swamp anybody who wasn't six foot tall,
so I'd happily settle for a calf-length trench with a nipped in waist.


Hellooo Daphne. This makes me want to get my blonde streak back!

I'm stocking up on silk headscarves and turbans for A/W! x