Any Human Heart

Caught the first episode of this new tv series last night, the wardrobe certainly didn't disappoint.

Will post more pics when I find them. Googling 'Any Human Heart' just sends up loads of awful photos of actual hearts. Not so hot.

Justify My Love

As much as I think Madonna is a moron these days, she was an utter babe in this video.

In the Company of Wolves

Just a few images I managed to get from standing on a table at the back. The hair and make-up team did a brilliant job again.


The lovely Claire Stuart, brains behind In the Company of Wolves fashion show at Sub Club.

Beauty in Vogue Italia

Craig McDean does it again...

I would wear this exact outfit. Jessica Stam looks like she's channeling Pam Hogg, Debbie Harry and Cruella De Ville. Oh. and I NEED those shades (or exact copies of).

I'm always a sucker for animal print. Like the clashing with floral print too. Oh, I need that hat as well. Love the editing of this image.

Hello, Soo Catwoman! Been a while.

Wonderland Nov/Dec 10

Any excuse to break out the Babyliss crimpers again! Love the make-up in this shoot.


This is what me and the boyfriend went as on Halloween:

...and yes, I'd like him to keep the Bryan head on all the time! Er, just kidding.......

Lucifer Rising

The other afternoon when I was walking through the Woodlands area of Glasgow, a boy cycled past me wearing this jacket:

I thought it was especially weird as I'd just been watching Kenneth Anger films earlier. There's a French website that sell replica jackets for around $180, but you'd have to be a total imbecile to pay that much for something you could easily make.